Hi, this is the Yii STEP BY STEP tutorial. How to install Yii framework support Eclipse (we call it Yiiclipse). You can see this tool here yiiclipse .


Firstly, to install Yii support, we need install PDT development. You can find it here . or follow step by step in here
Go to eclipse Help menu -> choose Install New Software

Than press “ Add ” button and put “Yiiclipse” as Name, and choose one of these Link below as Location.

Update Site (STABLE): http://yiiclipse.maziarz.org/updatesite/STABLE/
Update Site (DEVELOPMENT): http://yiiclipse.maziarz.org/updatesite/DEV/

After accepting

Click next and wait until Yiiclipse install to your eclipse.
That’s all.

Next post, I will show you how to create new Yii project or import your currently Yii project.